APRIL 2014
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Kiran Bahl


Happy IIFA Awards! Also, welcome all guests to our beautiful Tampa Bay! Besides Navratri and Easter being celebrated this month, the IIFA Awards are especially a huge deal. Compared to the Oscars of America, the IIFA awards are specifically being held in our city, what an honor!

So, what to wear? You’ll be seeing your favorite stars and will want to look green carpet ready yourself (IIFA supports going green, thus the green vs. regular red carpet)! Read on for the latest tips and tricks to make sure your stand out, not sore out, in the crowd!

Ladies, Blend But Don’t Bland

Many ladies are figuring out what to wear to the awards, especially to look better than most, as always! Of course, some are taking the gown route, opting to show off western fashion. It’s alright to do so, but almost predictable. Adding, however, an Indian necklace or large earrings would provide the gown with that traditional elegance that all know and love about India!

Wearing a heavy Anarkali or suit to the event? OK, but so will thousands of other women. Stand out with small twitches. Create an up do with your hair and decorate it with a large pin, since most will opt for free-flowing hair. Wear a necklace over your high collar or bangles over your long-net sleeves. This is the time to be a little dressier, a little shinier!

Now, I know wearing a sari or lengha is on top of most ladies’ lists for this event, even mine. And why shouldn’t it be? This occasion is no less than a wedding, reception or major concert. Proudly display those embroidered and sequined saris and cholis, show off those multi-colored lenghas and dupattas, and wear that heavier jewelry. To sass the look a bit more, add a belly chain or belt to your look, add contrasting heels to beautify your toes, or braid your hair to the side. You’ll see, adding a few subtle updates can truly make heads turn your way!

Men, Time To Shine

Gentlemen, your dates will look stunning the night of the IIFA awards, shouldn’t you compare well too? Read on!

Guys, no matter what age, this is NOT the time to wear any type of denim/jeans, particularly the denim-with-a-blazer combo. Sneakers - same thing, no way. Also, don’t go overboard please and wear a full on sherwani. It’s a bit too traditional and will set you and your other half backwards!

Instead, opt for an eastern jodhpuri, suit or western tux. Opt for shiny dress shoes. Opt for a vested style. To turn up the fashion knob a bit, try wearing a dupatta scarf-style over your outfit – how classy! Or, wear completely contrasting shoes. Imagine a black jodhpuri or tux with a maroon or green dress shirt underneath. Safe and spiffy, but when worn with a pair of white or tan dress shoes – wow!

These tips and tricks will help you shine amongst all during the much awaited IIFA awards. Once again, welcome all stars and guests to Tampa Bay! Ultimately, for all, the most important asset you can have is your smile – it’s the sexiest curve on anybody, so flaunt it and have fun! Enjoy the awards, enjoy Navratri, and Easter. Moreover, enjoy each other, and as always, remember to ‘gro with style’!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, Orlando and Sunrise, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.facebook.com/grostyles

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