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Kiran Bahl


The Indian holidays have come and gone, and how fun they were! From glowing poojas to shimmering parties, everyone dressed up, went out and enjoyed their family and friends. Time for the American holidays, too, with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching – this year is surely flying by! Let’s keep dressing the part.

Fusion wear has become a scattered term as of late. Ladies are mixing tops and bottoms, dupattas too, all to create a modernistic look on traditional Indian wear. Fusion wear can be elegant, it can be graceful, but only when matched and balanced proportionately. If not, your look will become a trying-too-hard one versus an easy-breezy-put-together one. Learn these simple tips and be thankful at your next Thanksgiving event!


The pantsuit is back and I’m glad! I personally thought it made a too quick of an entry and exit back in the late 1990s. Slightly flared pants/trousers with a long, flowy kameez usually slit in the center or sides complete the look along with a plain, thin, sheer dupatta. For those bolder, the kameez itself also is sheer toward the waist/stomach area, for some extra oomph and ode to western wear and the east meets west concept.

Pantsuits are now back just as they were. The only changes noted are contrasting suit patterns, with splashes of print on the pants or just the dupatta. Sparkly buttons down the center of the kameez and fringe or tassel work on the dupatta polish off the outfit just right. If not comfortable with the sheer middle of the kameez, just tuck in a nude fitted camisole or tank top underneath, or a chemise/slip. A sneaky tip, and a more comfortable one!


Dhoti pants, patiala pants, harem pants. They’ve become the rage lately on runways, especially for winter/spring looks. For the younger, especially, this is a beautiful look. A sari blouse or choli is paired with a dhoti pant or patiala pant. Think of the crop top and skirt combo that took over summer looks this year and replace the skirt with these bottoms. A sheer, simple dupatta can be draped down, even worn as a ‘sari pallu’ for a couture feel.

For the ones not as bold to show a bit of midriff or just not easy wearing the look, an easy tip is to wear the ensemble with a long vest, shawl or open kameez on top. Dhoti pants, no matter the size of the woman, can look spread out towards the top. Wearing a vest over this can slim the look and cover more.


This look is super simple with such elegant results! Just grab a fitted anarkali (not gown style, a bit shorter) or kameez, and pair with a lengha/chaniya you may have. Keep the dupatta of the lengha to coordinate with the outfit or find another one to match. On trend, done and ready to show off!

The trick is to ensure a fitted top, or the look will become sloppy, with all loose. What a pretty and royal-looking outfit!

Again, enjoy the holidays. Be thankful for all you do have, instead of just wishing for what you don’t have. Cherish your loved ones fiercely, dress up and spread the spirit and cheer! And, as always, remember to ‘gro’ with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail [email protected] or visit

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