APRIL 2011
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Kiran Bahl


Enjoying the longer, sunnier days? No wonder wedding season rolls around this time. And if you haven’t already tuned in to the latest fashion news, here it is – SARIS, SARIS, SARIS! It’s all about our true, original Indian fashion staple this month. Here are MUST-HAVE styles for your wardrobe, casual or fancy. Match these with minimal accessories, and loose, tousled hair, and you’re good to go anywhere!

SHIMMERING STYLES What is shimmer? One of the latest trends to hit for this season in saris (and lately suits too) is here to stay. Shimmer consists of a foil-like fabric, mostly to be shown through a net or sheer cover. Imagine a glint of shine from your blouse and petticoat underneath your net sari. Or a flash of light peeking from beneath your chiffon kameez. The effects of shimmer are subtle, but striking indeed. When dealing with shimmer though, the lighter the shade the better. Darker shades may end up having a trash-bag effect!

CONTRAST SARIS Contrast saris used to mean saris with one main foundation, and the blouse with a different, ‘contrasting’ one. How things have changed. Saris are now maintaining a demure blouse structure, but the sari itself is a rainbow of looks. From net pallus and crepe silk pleats in different prints to georgette pallus and raw silk pleats, the more creative, the better. Combinations such as lilac and black, fuchsia and brown, and even mustard and white are odd beauties that are populating runways.

CASUAL CHAOS Notice how some simple, floral saris with barely any flash stand out, even when worn to a fancier dinner party? The secret is bold. A sari with big, billowy flowers in alluring shades of reds, purples and pinks will turn heads more than a pink sari with silver sequin work. Try a sari with multi-colored stripes, animal prints or contrasting ambi/paisley works; truly extraordinary. Just be sure to keep your accessories to a minimum when infusing these particular looks. Too much can be too much!

Enjoy mixing, matching and experimenting with your wardrobe. Remember, a little can go a long way. Choose and keep this philosophy with you, and fashion will never turn on you, it’ll always be your friend.

Send us your fashion questions and concerns. Follow the trend! E-mail us at kiran@grostyles.com and we’ll answer any and all your fashion dilemmas! Here’s this month’s Fashion Drama question of the month:

Q: If a sari is pink with silver stripes, what other color blouse would work besides pink? – Radhika M., Tampa

A: Hi Radhika. Spring is all about color and contrast, especially now. I’d ditch the common-sense pink or silver blouse options, and instead, opt for a maroon or sea-green blouse to add to the sari’s coloring and stripes. Even better, neutrals are slowly creeping into summer style. Stay ahead and opt for a cream or ivory blouse to make your look delicate. You’ll still have edge with those fabulous silver stripes! Have fun toying with these ideas, and as always, remember to gro with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, "An Indian Boutique," 2035 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33612, can be reached at (813) 843-9040 or (813) 903-8334.

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