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How to understand art

By Brinda Pamulapati

One cannot understand art fully in one’s lifetime. Understanding nature through art is like understanding the sun by studying the flash light; flash lights are only one of the tools like the sun. Using these, I know I cannot understand the Sun entirely. Similarly, the more I create art, the more ignorant I feel. With limited tools like eyes, hands, brushes and colors, I am trying to understand the infinite concepts.

Some knowledge about art itself

Elements of art are line, shape, color value, texture and space.

Principles of art are pattern, rhythm, proportion, balance, unity, emphasis.

Abstract art is more focused on principles and elements of art and may not represent anything. Rather than representing any object like tree or seascape, artists may use these objects such as tree or seascapes to help them build their ideas in visual language through the principles and elements of art.

Wood Duck, acrylic on canvas, 24"x24"; artist Brinda Pamulapati

Example: Color field movement in 1940s was study of visual element color. Effect of color on size and interaction of colors with other colors itself was of interest.

Abstract art is like music without lyrics. Music without lyrics can stir our feelings, just as art created using only elements and principles of art without concise representation can stir our feelings.

Realistic art – artwork that recreates original scenes is replaced by picture taking with the invention of photography. Still, the vibrancy in originally painted art is incomparable. Look for the uniqueness in these realistic paintings, such as the story or message the art is conveying. Look for new or different ways in which realistic art is created. Look for any evoking emotions or unique qualities such as interesting techniques.

What to look for in art

The art should attract you and should be original. You should like the art.

Ascot writes, “The artist is perceived in visual communication theories as the originator of meaning, and as the creator and owner of ideas, and controller of context and content.” Artists are admired for the originality of their thoughts. Similarly, art collectors are respected for their originality in taste, not for collecting what is trendy or in fashion.

Where to look for art

Get acquainted with art by viewing art directly in real settings by visiting art shows, fairs, galleries, museums, non-profits, charity shows, auctions, fundraisers, etc. Though online market is great for learning about trends, comparing prices and educational purposes, one should still first train his or her senses by seeing the art in person.

Why support art

In creating original art, one has to use his/hers innovative brain. All aspects of work require innovative and creative brain. If this habit is suppressed, then we will be left with clones who are just followers and there will not be progression in the society. Therefore, supporting and encouraging creative culture is not a luxury any more.

Brinda Pamulapati, owner/managing director, of Venvi Art Gallery in Tallahassee, can be reached at (850) 322-0965 or visit

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