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Kiran Bahl


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are in full swing and it’s easy and fun to get swept up in the festivities, joy and cheer all around us, especially with Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming up. Here are some do’s and don’ts of fashion to keep you shopping, attending events and eating feasts with family and friends all while looking fabulous, too.


Layering with Indian clothes can be a bit complex. With temperatures dropping, a sheer sari or net/crepe silk lengha or suit isn’t enough to keep us ladies warm. Here’s where layering comes into the scene.

Latest styles have thicker open embroidered or sequined long sleeved vests as a top layer. Wear one with any ensemble to polish your party look. Be sure to keep the dupatta, however, on the outside of the vest for a cleaner silhouette. Don’t have one yet? Use a thick, long shawl and drape on your sides for almost the same effect. For a fusion feel, wear jeans with the vest buttoned from neck to waist or even a skirt with boots.

To bundle and cozy up, wear a short or cropped cardigan or open sweater with your sari or lengha. Very elegant! Longer versions may seem too stuffy and sloppy. For suits, longer cardigans can look neat. A light, edgy jacket can work well too. Lucky for us all, Florida won’t force us the atrocities of wearing trench coats or furs – we are safe!


Natural hues are the must have shades of the season, with beige and gray shades in the forefront. Combinations like a gray sari with beige/gold blouse or a cocoa colored salwar kameez with silver/gray accents can keep the holiday spirit and sparkle alive.

Some fear these shades as they can assume to look dull or dim on a duskier complexion. Stick with a monochromatic palette, even mix some neutrals together, then add a pop of red or pink for a brighter and even more whimsical feel. A white and black combination is always a winner, too, with an unexpected pop of green or mustard for effect.


The whole color blocking trend from last winter is gone. I remember us mixing blues, red and pinks together. It was fun experimenting with multiple contrasting shades, but now the trend is a bit more sophisticated.

A couple, three at the most, colors are sufficient, including makeup, shoe and jewel colors. A teal and beige suit, maroon and gray sari or white, plum and rust sari will have you looking the moistest. Neutral makeup and jewelry can help you add a shade or two to the clothing.


Large statement necklaces are finally fading away after almost two years. An almost aging look for so many, more delicate jewelry is coming back to runway looks with the exception of bangles.

Earrings are smaller, too, but wider. Bell, umbrella, ambi and rectangle shapes are trending. Some even include tiny layers or steps of ghungroos or jingly bells (very Christmas, too!), a la “Baahubali” movie style. Necklaces are mostly choker style, one strand. Some are short, multicolor multi stranded. Longer looks follow the “Baahubali” movie feel, too, with long, thin layers embellished with ghungroos. Bangles, however, are big. Full sets, kada sets even large, wide cuffs on both wrists look bolder and a little forward, but with elan and a more formal feel too. Try the look this month. It’s just right for the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s Eve to all! Enjoy your loved ones, spread merriment and also be sure to take a little time out for yourself, too. A small breather from the hustle and bustle can really refresh perspective and have you back to circling the fun holiday rounds! Stay safe, love hard, laugh lots! And, as always, remember to ‘gro’ with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail [email protected] or visit

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