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Kiran Bahl


Greetings everyone, and a very happy Diwali! Diwali is a celebration of lights and color, a time to wish prosperity and success to one and all. Shouldn’t we be celebrating the festivities with bright and vivid colors in our wardrobes too?

Ladies, as discussed before, runways are still following the infamous color combinations of neutrals and pastels for fall/winter 2015-16 looks. The trick now is how to deepen and shine your ensemble, being an overload of pastels and neutrals can look a bit dry and dull overall. Here are some tips to have you looking as cheerful as you are on the inside and still remain the most stylish of them all!


We are all waiting so excitedly to wear and show off our new attire for the holiday season! Especially with vintage looks in, splashes of monotone golds, beiges, and creams are ruling. Sea greens, sky blues and champagne pinks from head to toe are the fashion passion. To strike a more holiday feel, a better balance, however, contrast!

A beige lace sari with matching blouse is quite elegant. But instead of opting for a kundan or gold jewel set and bangles, try stark silver earrings or large rings for a pop of subtle color. For a bolder look, choose a jewelry set in emerald green or fuchsia. Feeling rebellious? Mix and match contrast colors. Using the beige sari example, wear an emerald green jewelry set, blood orange bangles and pink heels. Beautiful!


Now, let’s take the same concept of contrasting but within the same hue of color you’re wearing. A churidaar in all-over sky blue is pure and pretty. You’d probably choose gold or silver jewelry. To modernize the look, maybe contrast with yellow or red jewels. To completely now your look, however, stay within the same color levels.

The sky blue suit paired with royal blue or turquoise jewels or bangles and indigo heels will look absolutely royal!


Usually, it’s all about the look when wanting to stand out. The outfit, the heels, the jewels – once put together, all matter. There are a few extras, however, that may be overlooked – which certainly should not!

Ladies, your hair! Whether all down, half up, or all up, make sure to spend a bit of extra time to brush it out, take care of frizz and add super shine! No time for the salon? Just a couple of tools at home, such as a hair iron and serum for shine, can make all the difference.

Also, another important feature to think of when fancying up for a party or any occasion is makeup. More makeup does not equal more beauty. Besides retaining a continuous smile, the most important part of your face, focus on enhancing your features and creating a balance. If dazzling with bright lips, lighten the eye makeup. When using smoky or cat eye techniques, do keep your lips a neutral hue. A little does go a long way!

Diwali love to everybody! We wish you all happiness and peace now and always. Party much, but party safe. Enjoy each other’s presence, and always invite more positive company into your lives. And as you do all this and live life to the fullest, always remember to gro with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa and Orlando, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail or visit

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