MAY 2016
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Kiran Bahl


The year is flying by! Almost half over, 2016 is almost moving too fast for fashion, even. Most current trends are sticking with a twist here or there to keep up, in a reasonable tone. Let’s quickly catch up, before newer ideas arrive!

Fair and Lovely Whites

White hues are the season’s go-to color. Easy, breezy and quite flattering on the contrary to all skin tones, embrace the shade. Quiet and demure white is, surprisingly, proving to be the bold color of spring and summer!

White saris or suits scare women. Even in ivory, cream or beige – still scary. Not only are so many mentally prepared to feel like a widow in white (traditionally very long ago, widowed women in India would don a plain, white sari symbolizing of their long, lonely future life or whatnot), but many also assume they’ll just widen twice their size if they wear it. Both thinkings are quite incorrect.

A textured, white sari or suit looks just magical. A white sari in lace or silk is pure elegance. A beige suit with subtle same tone embroidery or sequins is glamour.

Take a photo wearing a blue or pink sari. Then take one wearing a cream one. You’ll look the same width – really! A quick tip on age appropriateness, however, if in your teens or 20s wearing the look, include a playful, bright lip shade or statement necklace to brighten the look just a bit as to not age you too prematurely.

Forest Florals

When the New Year dawned upon us, florals were everywhere. Borders on saris, underlays on lenghas, accent pieces covered in roses such as sari blouses or dupattas – we saw them all over runways and later, in our closets.

Then, the look suddenly disappeared. The good news is, it’s back for now, in a newer way.

Floral looks have been revived, but with a darker, edgier vibe. For example, an orange anarkali with a bright blue and white floral print is now an orange anarkali with either the same print with a gray net overlay or the same print but with black and white flowers.

If you have saris with contrast pleats in a floral print or an inverted style, include a darker shade for a forest floral look versus just a flowers in an open field look. A pink sari with contrast black floral print will look breathtaking.

Wear these looks, however, as evening party wear. Dressing up this way during a day function will seem to dull your ensemble overall.

Layer Love

Layered looks are everywhere. Indian designers globally have incorporated the lightest materials with intricate layers to provide an airy, summery feel for us.

Saris and lenghas are simpler, lighter in work even. But then paired with a sheer capelet or embroidered long vest over a very short blouse? Wow! Bollywood is all over this new movement, so why can’t we be?

Suits are having more fun with the layer trend. A simple patiala with short vest is fun. A straight churidaar, not as fancy in work, is instantly more exciting with two dupattas in contrasting shades or prints. An anarkali is almost a crop top/skirt duo looking with long, flowy top and mesh or net sari blouse overlay. Chic indeed!

Spring and summer are my favorite times of year for fashion. Looks are lighter, a bit more carefree. Almost anything goes, which makes all easier on us. But, with just the right fixes, our looks can go from average to standout hot. Be playful in your looks, and as always, remember to ‘gro with style’.

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa and Orlando, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail or visit

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