MARCH 2011
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Kiran Bahl


Greetings and Happy Spring! As Daylight Savings Time commences, we can look forward to longer days, more sunshine and lots of fun. Let’s dedicate this month to learning the DO’s and DON’Ts of fashion, so that up-to-date style will be second nature all season long!

DO mix metals! Wearing silver hoop earrings with gold chains is very now. Pairing gold rings with a platinum watch can freshen up any outfit. Better yet, wear an oxidized silver based outfit and contrast with copper shoes. This look is copied from current fashion shows everywhere, and demands attention when you make a grand entrance at any event.

DO focus on a proper facial regimen and makeup. Springtime is all about renewal, rejuvenation. Keep your face refreshed always, with or without make-up, and you’ll automatically be a hit. Make sure your face is cleansed thoroughly before applying any makeup. After applying a light base of day cream, follow with a thin (read thin, not pan-caked!) layer of foundation or powder. Finish with eyeliner and lip gloss. Concentrate on neon or floral shades, and you will not go wrong in choosing the right “it” colors. Rose reds, neon pinks, and lilac orchids will suit every complexion.

DO wear old-fashioned looks. Ladies, from classic black and white salwar kameezes, to floral and earthy inspired printed saris, the look is all about “back-then.” Hair half-tied in loose waves and chignons channel old Hollywood/Bollywood. Platform and wedged shoes bring back the “old is gold” feel as well. Gentlemen, focus on black or white Jodhpuris or Kurta Pajamas, temporarily ignoring the new craze of colors (such as reds, blues, even pinks!).

Ready for the DON’Ts? Fashion can be quite thorny at times. If you do not stop and smell the roses, you will be pricked. The world of fashion can be cruel, so follow these basic steps to always remain current!

DON’T ever, EVER wear your hair in two or more braids. Not only does this make you look like you’re 10 years old, but creates an immaturity to even the most impeccable outfit. Imagine, bottom up: Beautiful silver sandals, a flowing pink champagne-colored sari, gold baubles all around … and two braids? Need I say more?

DON’T always copy Bollywood styles just because they look nice! Watching the new Bollywood movies lately? Movies such as “Guzaarish” and “Saat Khoon Maaf” are displaying quite an odd combination of Spanish/western patterns. Don’t always mix “reel” life into “real” life though. Some looks just cannot be converted into our everyday events. Wearing a beige net sari with a large red flower in your hair can make you look out of sorts, especially living in the United States. They’re a fusion combination not in trend right now. Wearing a sequined/metallic silver or gold blouse with a white disco-shine/shimmer lengha may look alluring on screen, but when realistically worn, you’ll end up looking like a stage performer! Wear the latest movie styles, but always use common sense before completely mimicking the looks!

Send us your fashion questions and concerns. Follow the trend! E-mail us at and we’ll answer any and all your fashion dilemmas! Here’s this month’s Fashion Drama question of the month:

Q: How do I not get makeup from smearing on my clothes when I change? My foundation and lipstick always get on my expensive outfits, and they’re impossible to remove – Help! - Manisha, Tampa

A: Hi Manisha. Thanks for writing. To avoid this problem altogether, try putting on your outfit before applying makeup and doing your hair. Not possible? The best way I see it, gently pull your kameez/top over your head and pull toward your front when you get to the center of your face, particularly your nose. We luck out though when it comes to saris and even some lenghas! They’re mostly hook or zipper styles, making it so much easier to slip over your face/hair dos!

Once again, enjoy springtime, as you do everyday. Let’s not forget to prepare to enjoy the outdoors more, and have more gatherings outside the house. It’s always more fun in the sun! And as always, remember to gro with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, "An Indian Boutique," 2035 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33612, can be reached at (813) 843-9040 or (813) 903-8334.

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