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Aparoksh Yog: Creating a ‘super’ mindbody


By Maulik K. Trivedi, M.D.

Science has observed and laws of physics have proven the following to be true; the human capacity to observe the universe using our mindbody is limited by the range of our senses. For example, full spectrum of light extends beyond the visible range that we are limited to seeing; i.e. ultraviolet light. Similarly, sound spectrum extends beyond human capacity of hearing; for example, radio waves and ultrasound.

Furthermore, science has harnessed these forms of energy outside typical human capacity in the form of technological innovations ranging from the radio to the ultrasound to even Wi-Fi. These technological applications employ the same laws of physics.

However, the yogis of ancient time developed the science and technology to extend their own sensory powers. Using this technology called yoga, they could go beyond typical limitations of the human mindbody sensory perception. They called this capacity ‘Aparoksh.’ With use of only their mindbody, they achieved what the science of quantum physics is just beginning to understand.

The word Aparoksh is a Sanskrit term which means 'direct, complete and spontaneous.' The underlying supposition is that everything that we experience and generally consider as 'reality' is actually an indirect, relative and temporary experience limited. This experience obtained by use of our sensory-motor organs is relative and limited by time and space. Furthermore, the sensory organs and the mind that are employed in perceiving it bias this experience. 

On the contrary, the ultimate, timeless and limitless reality (a.k.a. universal consciousness) can only be experienced outside the limitations and the bias of our sense organs and mind. That experience, which does not require sensory organ perception or processing by the brain/mind apparatus, is termed the Aparoksh. The Indian sage Adi Shankaracharya highlighted this term in his famous treatise on self-realization called Aparokshanubhuti. (def. direct, complete and spontaneous experience of the totality of reality ) 

The word Yog is the proper Sanskrit pronunciation of the popular term yoga. Yog is a theory (the knowledge about yog) and a practice (what we do when we practice yog). Hence Yog refers to the practical performance of actions. These actions are in the form of physical actions performed in external material world or in the form of thoughts, which make up the actions in our inner psychological world. All forms of yog ultimately lead one towards merging their physical and psychological/ego identity with the universal consciousness.

Hence, Yog in its purest form brings its practitioner in contact with the direct, complete and spontaneous experience of the self as integrated within a universal consciousness.

Whether we know it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all on our own journey towards this Aparoksh experience. That is what evolution has provided for us. The nuances of yog practice extend beyond the popularized image of the asanas, a.k.a. 'twist your body into a pretzel.’ Complete yog takes one beyond the physical form to one that offers benefits for the body and the mind and unites us with the Aparoksh. Aparoksh can only be achieved through yog that separates perceived indirect reality from direct experience of total reality. The purpose here is to distill an experience of the essence of pure reality while sifting out perceptual realities in a scientific process. Yog transcends one beyond the indirect, relative and temporary sense of reality towards the experience of this direct, pure and eternal experience of reality. Hence, yog is a mindbody exercise that one can use to disconnect from identifying with perceptual reality and become merged with the direct and complete experience of eternal, pure and essential awareness.

The mission is to leap from knowing to being and from creating memory of an idea to becoming the experience of the idea. You can read about eating chocolate ice-cream, or watch someone else express the joy of eating chocolate ice-cream, but it is very different from tasting chocolate ice-cream yourself. Yog is the method and the experience of tasting chocolate ice-cream for your whole mindbody. The mission in our human lifetime is to go from knowing theories to practically actualizing the metaphysical Aparoksh.

Best wishes on your journey to the Aparoksh. Namaste.

Maulik K. Trivedi M.D. is board-certified in general adult psychiatry, and child and adolescent psychiatry. He specializes in the MindBody approach to behavioral health at Florida Medical Clinic and can be reached at (813) 973-1304.

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