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By Kiran Bahl

Happy Diwali and Eid to all. What a festive time. From celebrating our holidays from back home, to preparing for the holidays that are arriving upon us here, itís a season filled with spirit, warmth and tons of great fashion. Hereís what to watch out for in the latest fashion trends:

Itís all about color this month. Forget dark, traditional blacks, blues, and browns. Focus on clothes that radiate bright whites, sultry reds, baby blues and ice pinks. The orange spectrum seems to be the most popular, targeting mustard and yellow tints. Pantsuits are still on top of everyoneís lists as best wardrobe choice, with the kurta or shirt part becoming shorter in length, perfect for more Western functions.

Chiffons and silks are still predominantly being shown on runways worldwide. Women, keep in touch with all thatís feminine, and concentrate on flowy, flirty looks. Lenghas and other skirt sets are including more tissue, and crepe silk, along with softer, more moldable fabrics. Be sure to avoid looking too monotonous.

Dressing all in orange or all in red may be too much of a good thing, even finding an outfit with a double shade of the same color can do wonders. íTis the season for saris. Elegant red or pink saris with intricate borders and classic black saris with all-over embroidery are hopelessly seductive, romantic and perfect for any holiday party. With all outfits, the higher the heel, the better right now. Platforms and stilettos of all shapes and sizes are taking center stage, flats and wedges are absolute no-nos.

Jhumke, or heavy bell earrings, are back, and all the rage. Heavy, sets in silver and oxidized or antiqued gold and copper are what women want. Bindis now take over any trace of a tikka, with ornate jhumkas or beading hanging from the bottom. Itís a unique and exotic look, a perfect attention-grabber. Bangles and chudiyaan are the ultimate accessory this month. A full, heavy set of bangles should adorn each hand, in two or more matching shades.

Gentlemen, for pre-parties and simple get-togethers, opt for shiny silk kurta pajamas. Light designs and materials are most comfortable. For the big events, shop for a trendy two or three-piece sherwani in light neutral colors like tan, beige and white. For the big events, shop for a silk Jodhpuri, preferably in black or navy blue. The more adornment on them the better, including embroidery, foil work and crystals.

Dress well, but most importantly, enjoy the holiday season. Hereís wishing all a great month and happy festival season throughout the coming months. And as always, remember to gro with style!!

Kiran Bahl
Gro Styles, "An Indian Boutique"
on Fowler Avenue in Tampa
(813) 903-8334 / (813) 843-9040

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