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Kiran Bahl


Welcome holiday season! Ganesh Chathurthi is ending, but with the beautiful occasions of Onam, Navratri and Dussehra following close by! Saris and suits are definitely outfit go-to’s, but lengha/chaniya choli looks are quick becoming this year’s favorite ensemble of choice, as seen all over runways during Fashion Week in India last month. Let’s read of how to choose the latest in holiday wear and update your existing looks. Gentlemen, it’s your turn to shine too. Read about the latest men’s collections, tuned in with Fashion Week also.


It’s the norm to NOT wear much black or even white in festival season. Merriment, joy and happiness are thought not to be clouded with a dark or ‘blank’ color. But, black is the new black! Black chaniya cholis with white bandini prints splashed with colorful and gold trimming is beautiful. Bold, but elegant too.

For a wedding reception or dinner party, a minimalist but striking approach to your outfit can be a black lengha with pearl or silver embellishments, jewels and heels. With smoky eyes, nude lips and nails, and light jewelry – you’ll surely stand out bright even in black in every crowd.

Fashion Week also showed how black accessories, too, are becoming a necessity. Honestly, black is such an overused and common color in our wardrobes, we forget to buy black jewels and accessories to match our Indian outfits, thinking we must have black somehow, somewhere in our closets! Earrings, necklaces, bangles, even anklets in black with any metal base with every skin tone look pretty and timeless.


So, many will rejoice and wear their beautiful black ensembles. Then there are those that celebrate all the colors of the season with as many colors on themselves -- point noted, displayed and now the trend continuing into Diwali next month!

Bright, bold color is here. Chaniya cholis are popping in with royal blue, orange, green, hot pink and yellow hues, all together! The choli can be green with pink embroidery. The chaniya will in turn be a bright yellow with the same pink work but with added green to tie it all in. The dupatta/chunni will take a life of its own with another print, but in similar shades. Altogether, a work of art!

Lenghas haven’t been a solid color for years. There’s always at least a pair of colors on an outfit to make it stand out. Now, monochromatic looks are back. A solid green or magenta lengha/gown ornated with light gold or silver workings can give enough shine to an already glowing jewel shade. Color can be classy!

Colorful jewelry, too, is surprising. Silk-wrapped bangles in an array of festive colors and earrings in unexpected citrine, jade and tourmaline hues are in demand, versus the usual favorite colors of red, green, pink and gold. Beautiful!


Finally, the gentlemen. Fashion Week paralleled the ladies’ black is back and color shock looks with menswear. A simplistic black on black ensemble can look quite classic. For a twist, pair your black top with a white bottom for a more updated show. Jewel tones are still a truly defining factor when choosing your outfit, too. Ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue kurta pajamas will have you season ready and on trend!

Happy holidays! How grateful I reiterate that we are for being able to celebrate our Indian culture alongside the American. In fact, why not celebrate all? We are global citizens in this generation and should remain united. Enjoy your families, friends and life around you, and as always, remember to gro with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail or visit

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