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Kiran Bahl


Happy Navratri and Diwali! ’Tis the season to sparkle. Take your suits, lenghas and saris and coordinate some pretty jewelry too! Let’s focus on trinkets for the holiday season so you can keep loving, celebrating and shining too!


Jewelry sets are now defined into two categories – light and heavy. Lighter ones are small and heavier big. Which to wear when can be a little confusing with necklines, dupattas and pallus in the way. Here are what your light sets should look like.

Light sets are involving a mostly gold palette with maybe some minakari of red/green enamel, but that’s it. Bright stonework of orange, blue or purple are not trending at all – the overall feel is more natural. A small choker, one layered only, will gently rest above your collarbone. The earrings are smaller too. These look best when paired with a suit or sari with a rounded neckline. Surprisingly, you can wear this look even to a wedding reception; it is classy! Leave the choker underneath your pallu or dupatta, however, when wearing. It won’t be heavy enough to hold the weight of the cloth underneath without flipping over.


The heavy set comes in two styles, the thick choker or the ‘haar’ style, long and flowy. Gold and silver bases are being showcased in both these looks and either looks beautiful!

The thick choker is much like the small one mentioned above, but much larger. It’ll rest at your collarbone and feel weighty. It is also perfect for any formal event and can rest above your pallu or dupatta too for more shine. Earrings are larger too, more than just the standard stud or jhumki style.

The haar style involves a long necklace, a bit thick and substantial. This style is actually under worn. Even the earrings vary in height and length for a plethora of variety. It looks great with any outfit, for both formal and casual occasions. Flexible indeed (pun intended)!


You are not done with just a necklace and pair of earrings! Bangles, kadas and a few other jewels can put the final touches on your holiday ensemble.

Bangles are all about quantity this season. Full sets on each wrist are the thing to do with lots of color! If wearing a neutral outfit, play and contrast with some color or a couple.

Kadas are being worn in their traditional ways as pairs on both wrists. These too are embracing the natural vibe in only gold or silver metals, nothing more.

Bajubands are back! Armbands with bling, they add an unexpected sparkle to one arm without over-bangling yourself!

Belly chains are great to cinch your dupatta against your waist or hips (depending on your torso). With stones or ghungroos, even prettier!

Payal, too, are making a comeback. Anklets in gold and silver are thicker with stonework and hangings to have your feet in heels (or not) look and feel pampered.

Have the happiest holiday season yet. Enjoy Navratri, Diwali and one another. Celebrate in all, celebrate in each day. And, as always, remember to ‘gro’ with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail or visit

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