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Kiran Bahl


There’s a chill in the air! With the Diwali season over and fall in full swing, let’s check in on the latest trends to keep you warmer yet still quite fashionable through the upcoming winter months, too!

The Shawl

Generally, the traditional outerwear for saris and suits is the classic shawl. Cotton, pashmina and wool shawls come in such beautiful prints, textures and colors. Mixing and matching them to your ensemble is not hard at all!

If wearing a solid or two to three toned sari or suit, opt for a printed shawl. Brocade and jacquard patterns drip with a royal feel. Florals are still in vogue from the spring and summer seasons, pair them with your look using a monochromatic or contrast scheme.

For a print outfit, try using a solid shawl to stay warm, of course, and safe too. A red and yellow floral sari will look beautiful with a solid red shawl. A purple and white batik print suit will stand out with an all over purple shawl. Feeling bolder? Contrast to strike shades together or even mix another print with your shawl. The trick to keeping the style ‘in style’ is to stay within the same color palettes when playing so much.

Lastly, for that lengha or sari with ten different colors, which shawl is best? It’s DEFINITELY the simplest, most neutral colored shawl, such as beige or cream. Match with neutral shoes or jewelry, and you’ll be the star of any show.

The Sweater/Cardigan

There’s almost an older nostalgic Bollywood feel when imagining a sari paired with a cardigan. Vintage looks are making a comeback, so why not try a different feel from a different era?

A sari or suit with an open button cardigan and heels will look pretty. To modernize a bit, ensure the cardigan is longer, below the knees even.

Wearing a sweater is trickier with your Indian wardrobe. It’s generally a bulkier piece of outerwear, closed feeling. The best way to balance the look is to wear either a narrow bottom with a regular sweater, such as a churidaar, or, wear a slim fit or crop sweater with your lengha or sari. You’ll look just right.

The Coat

Luckily, in Florida, we don’t need to rely on fur coats and stoles to dress up our pretty looks. But there are nippy nights that will require us to move from the shawl and sweater look to the full on coat one.

Longer coats, like the cardigans and sweaters, are generally trending. Trench styles are popular, particularly in maroons and beiges. Black, surprisingly, isn’t a popular color as of late, which is a good thing. We all need a little more color in our lives, even after Diwali.

If you are missing the holiday season, worry not. Thanksgiving, then Christmas, are just around the corner! There’s always someone, something, somewhere to celebrate. Do so with love, light and laughs, and as always, remember ‘gro’ with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, email, or visit

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