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Q: I was found successful in the naturalization test. I have not yet received the appointment of oath. Please advise me.

A: You may inquire about of your status from immigration department. Do not be shy to inquire. Second, there is a provision of informing the immigration department in form No. A-11. A timely information saves a lot of waiting. The form does not cost anything and can be unloaded from the computer.

Q: I have a house and an agriculture plot. The Social Security Administration requires me to sell the property and convert the sale proceeds into dollars. The dollars should be brought here and should be spent? How can I do that now?

A: Please get conditional payment and put your house for sale. In a village, everyone has a house and no one would buy that unless you quote a throwaway price. For nine months, if you are not able to sell, you are free. If we just say that the house is not generally sold in the village, the Social Security Administration will not accept. There should be proof. As regards agriculture land, the rules do not permit its sale.

Q: I am totally disabled but I am not 65 years of age. As I am a citizen, I am asked to wait for two years more. What should I do?

A: Please apply for disability. There is no age requirement. Send me the department’s reply if you are denied disability.

Q: I was in receipt of Medicaid and Medicare while I was out of country. I had notified and requested the Social Security Administration to discontinue. After my return, they want me to wait till January-March. I am scared.

A: First, all those who go out of state should send a letter much before departure requesting the administration to suspend but not discontinue the benefits you are getting. If possible, you should give the date of return. You should ensure that you have a Qualified Medicare Beneficiary. As soon as you return, you can go to the county and say that you are old and under emergency and that you need immediate Medicaid benefits to ensure that you have not brought any contagious disease from your country. One should never be shy.

Q: I am always worried that I shall lose my welfare benefits. When I pass from the welfare office, I shudder. What is the reason and what is the remedy?

A: Please note that most of the welfare recipients share your feelings. We are not entitled to get welfare. We are only eligible. This is too true for those who claim or receive welfare. The stake of losing the welfare is high. On the other hand, if you want to remove your fear you should be well informed and not rely on hearsay. Second, while dealing with the welfare department, you should be honest as if you are Harischandra of our mythology. Absolute truth is a key for living peacefully under welfare. The rules are fairly liberal. Do not be misled by your colleagues getting more than you by hiding the facts. The truth is inconvenient but for elderly people, peaceful life is more necessary. If you write to me, I shall relate a number of instances how people who hides a material fact live a troubled life.

These questions and answers are courtesy of Harikrishna Majmundar of California, author of “Mapping the Maze: A Guide to Welfare for Elderly Immigrants.” He has advised several hundred welfare applicants. A copy of this 2003 published book is available for a suggested donation of $10, plus $2 postage, from H.J. Majmundar, c/o Niral S. Dwivedi, 15915 Farrington Drive, Tampa, FL 33647 or call (813) 978-1200 or (813) 978-4996 if you have a question.

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