MAY 2013
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Lavanya Dinesh

By DR. Maulik Trivedi, MD

Namaste and welcome to MindBody, a new column in KhaasBaat bringing the ancient wisdom of spirituality in juxtaposition to the modern science of MindBody medicine.

In its essence, the series of articles in this column hope to guide its readers towards the goal of achieving and maintaining a healthy body, a balanced mind and a peaceful spirit. The articles in this column will provide theoretical guidance as well as practical direction and support for creating holistic individuals who maintain and nurture 'Self'-awareness at the level of the body, mind and spirit. When this "Self'-awareness is applied by an individual to their daily life through 'Self' directed life choices, it invariable brings peace and joy to that individual and to the world around them.

The word 'MindBody' itself has become uniquely popular in the current lingo on health and wellness. Usually, we tend to 'see' our body as a physical entity and 'observe' our mind in separate psychological terms. Spirituality, on the other hand, has been a human quest for ages. In modern time, we often associate spirituality with holy rituals or a visit to the temple. We all yearn for spiritual meaning to our life from time to time.

What can deliver our greatest desires? Do we want health, happiness, success or joy, or even, all of the above, all at once? According to the sages and the scientists, the potential to create everything we desire is within us. Every thought we think in the mind manifests as a materiel reality in the phenomenal world. As the Buddha said, "We are the result of everything that we have thought of."

If that is the case, we must ask ourselves some questions as we observe and evaluate the world around us. Are we responsible for what we have in our life? Did we actually create it? How much of it do we actually control? and what is the capacity and the limit of our powers? Can we eliminate unwanted stress and worries? Can we banish sadness and melancholy? How can we attract the life that we desire? 

These are some of the many questions that we will explore in this series of articles. You will get both ideas and instructions to discover and develop your own MindBody to take you to your desires.

As a practicing medical doctor in the field of psychiatry, I have had the opportunity to contribute to the lives of tens of thousands of people over the past 15 years. I have had the unique advantage of sitting face to face with individuals of all ages and hearing their personal mental, emotional, material and spiritual sagas. In many cases, over time, I have seen people's subconscious fears and fantasies becoming their realities.

I chose to write this because nothing makes me happier than seeing everyone I meet being their happiest and most successful so that they are making natural choices that bring peace and joy to the world. You can say my personal level of happiness and success depends on how much contribution I can make to your happiness and success.

I have also maintained an avid personal interest in spirituality, yoga and meditation. I have been as much a student as I am a teacher. In my meditations, I have observed deeper and found an understanding about how our thoughts actually create our reality. I hope to put all of my knowledge, understanding and experience into words for you in each of my articles in this column. Namaste.

Maulik Trivedi, MD, is a practicing psychiatrist and a MindBody physician. For details, visit You can also follow him on Twitter @MindBodyYogaMD

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