MAY 2013
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Kiran Bahl


Florida is already so hot outside! This exciting time of year when we can all throw aside our coats, jackets and sweaters, and look toward lighter wear is fun! Of course, we must look just as hot as the weather. Let’s delve into the latest looks, add a twist of ourselves here and there, and be fabulous!


Gold is back, and it’s going to stay! It’s a whole different story, however, concerning real gold. Not only is it crazy expensive, but wearing it can involve so many factors lately too. Costume jewelry is much more handy though. Clothes too, are smartly ornate, not overly done, that too in gold.

Costume jewelry can look amazing, if worn correctly. The key is minimalism. When choosing an ideal jewelry set, ensure the necklace or the earrings are large, not both. Too much could look gypsy, too less can become maturing. Confirm the pieces involve more than one color, even if there is just one shade with a metal silver or gold base. Kundan stones, or crystals, too provide an alternate hue. Necklaces are back in big time, just as we have gotten so used to the big-earrings-no-necklace look. Big or small, adorn those collarbones with a pretty neckpiece!

Party wear is so different now too. Gone is all the flash and shine of sequins head to toe. Instead, gold embroidery, yellow sequins and kundan/polka stones are elaborating outfits. If wearing a yellow sari, suit or lengha, however, I would contrast with silver or just crystal work. Too much yellow is too much yellow!


Close your eyes and think of the beach. The colors you see are the colors to wear! From the white of clouds and blue of the sky and water, to the beige of the sand and green of water and sea foam, all is right. The yellow of the sun, the pink of seashells, even the coral of fish, think beach!

Pastels we know are already splashing over desi runways worldwide. Now, let’s incorporate pastel shades together. Try a sky-blue churidaar with gold embroidery and nude heels. Or, a white sari with gold sequins and baby pink heels can look breathtaking. Mix and match similar beach shades for the perfect summer look!


It’s easy to follow a look exactly. I mean, pulling an outfit off a mannequin in a shop to wear is easy. Or copying a look in a magazine is simple. But how can you add a ‘twist’ of yourself to make the outfit more you? That’s the key to true fashion, to true style. Small summer twists can include contrasting your ensemble with funky, colorful or printed wedges. Or stacking cuffs versus bangles on your arms to match with your sari. One or two changes to your ensemble that make you feel more comfortable is just enough. Tweak your look slightly to keep your outfit fun and to keep it more you!

I adore our tropical Florida heat. Even more, I adore Tampa Bay, with its close proximity to the ocean. Matching your wardrobe with the weather is not only always hot, in spring/summer, it’s sizzling.

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, Orlando and Sunrise, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail or visit

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