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Aries (March 21-April 20)
Emotional satisfaction will be at an all-time high. Your spirits soar to give you this marvelous phase but also the mindset and true wisdom/intelligence to appropriate it. Additionally, you may meet just the right person to help you in your career-advance in terms of ideas and original techniques to connect with what youíre aiming for.

Taurus (April 21-May 21)
This is the phase in which you go from strength to strength, especially vis-ŗ-vis relationships and personal ties. The initial hiccups in love, creativity, marital bonding will stop now. You have the right atmosphere at home and work. You sit back as others try to hog the limelight because you donít want it anyway.

Gemini (May 22-June 21)
Your personal approach not just continues but strengthens and people will be the central point. You will concern yourself with family, parents, in-laws, even friends and partners (see what I meant by people?) You realize that you must learn to relate with people with greater empathy, insight and fair mindedness. Good people will be your allies in all future plans, travel and relationships.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)
The personal angle is prominent even now, yet money matters, personal budgets/ finance will be an important part of it all. Loans, funds, capital will have to work out under the miracles of both work and planning that you perform. Very surprisingly, so also will purely personal relationships, ties and bonds.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)
You decide when you have to go for the jugular, in terms of making the right moves for career goals, personal objectives and the finance to make both come true. So will entertaining, socializing and glorious communication. The results are bound to be wonderful. Youíre active, inspired yet relaxed, and it shows.

Virgo (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)
You will have great vision and foresight about the way things will be in the future. Travel will be easier now, so will your attitude to life and other people. Pending work will be concluded satisfactorily, too. Celebrations, ceremonies, meetings take up a lot of your time, but youíre in a mood to enjoy them as they come. Truly, a dream phase with the promise of perfection just hovering at the horizon.

Libra (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)
The progress you make may not be exactly what you expected but itís marvelous, all the same. You gain in both power and plentiful resources. This is because, frequently, moon phases bring a kind of completion to trends, even to attitudes that have been experienced. The natural end of your mindset and attitude would be the realization of your ambitions.

Scorpio (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)
The depths of tenderness and caring within you bubble up to the surface. You are a genuine lover of human beings, but donít always know how to express their feelings. You now go all out to learn to relate better to other people. In the bargain, you analyze and assess yourself, your motivations, values and goals. It is a time for contemplation, deep thought and choosing the directions you want to grow in.

Sagittarius (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)
You realize itís important in terms of time and energy given to new ideas, innovations, novel approaches not just related to career objectives but also your total attitude to life. What also will work out are funds and increased personal finances. This gain in prosperity allows free motion, true creativity and a sense of adventure shared with friends who may be partners in enterprise. In fact, this will spill over into the areas of children, family and relationships, too.

Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 20)
You had a long run up to the credit, recognition, popularity you now enjoy, so you should try to maintain it. The need to stay calm and pleasant is great, particularly in domestic disputes or differences with someone you love. Alternatively, you may now be drawn into situations where there is a conflict. You need to realize that the solution to your problems is in your hands. Sharing, partnership, perhaps even just talking things over, seeing a different point of view to yours will all add to your career, talents and personal charisma rather than detract from it.

Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 19)
You are more than sure where your priorities lie. You will make concerted efforts to preserve harmony in the family circle. Even if you have to create the time for it in your usually busy schedule, youíll try hard to add to bonding with loved ones and family. You get added power, energy, drive or the killer instinct, which will make you not just go places, but even higher than your aims.

Pisces (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
Family life assumes major importance and you zero in on improvements, enhancement of both family and quality time. You acquire the latest gadgets and objects of desire for your home. Youíll put in extra work to make the money for all this because this is something close to your heart, and you want it keenly.

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