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Kiran Bahl


HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2015 and there’s so much to look forward to, particularly maintaining your resolutions, those goals that you want to finally tackle and accomplish. I know, so many of you are attempting the “have no resolution” resolution, but deep down, I also know there’s a want in each of you to do better, to be better. Hopefully, a desire to improve your fashion wardrobe is on the list, dressing good proves you can feel good too! Here are some tips to keep you on track in your fashion adventure this new year!


So many of you are writing in, knowing how to stand out a bit more at an event. Not to look louder, but to look bolder.

If you mostly stick with saris with the traditional blouse, wear less (this holds true for lenghas too)! What I mean is, take that generic blouse and alter it to look fresh and a bit more fashionable. Make a subtle change to start with. Chop off the short sleeves to a cap-sleeved or sleeveless style, cut the round in the back even wider and larger, adding ties on the top. Feeling rebellious? Make the blouse completely backless, or have the front deeper than usual. An easier route is to just buy a trendier, neutral color blouse, such as a gold sequined one to contrast and shine against any color!

More of a suit personality? Cutouts are becoming popular again. Take the back of your anarkali or churidaar and cut out a large oval. Take your long sleeves and cut slits into them. Creativity is key on your existing outfits, especially if you’re not willing to shell out hundreds more on a designer piece.


We just covered the sexier side of changing your fashion style, but lots of women just want to look more elegant, more graceful. Sure, a sari alone is regal looking. So is a long anarkali or straight churidaar. But how to distinguish between traditional and classic is important.

Elegance lies in balance. Traditional photos of brides and queens in their palaces ooze heavy attire paired with heavier jewelry and makeup. But that one photo, the princess overlooking her balcony with her solid, almost simple lengha and large but minimal jewels – that’s a classic photo, one that etches into your mind.

Similarly, to maintain a bit more grace and classicism, balance your look. If wearing a solid ensemble, wear a heavier set and bangles. But if wearing a multi-colored look or printed style, even it all out with just a pair of earrings or one thick kada, or cuff. Too much is too much most of the time, unless you’re a queen of course!


This is my favorite section, how to look more fun! A bit tricky, the point of embracing this mantra is to take your regular party or pooja look and jazz it up. After all, attending an event should be an occasion of cheer, a time of celebration.

Use your imagination! Wear a blue and red patiala salwar with a pearl set, white heels, and a silver clutch. Put your hair in an updo, half up or maybe go sleek and straight if hair is usually wavy. If you usually wear gold jewelry, go opposite and wear all silver. Basically, change is fun, as change is life’s constant – let’s enjoy it all!

Again, Happy 2015!! No matter what your resolution, a goal for us all should strive to be kinder, nicer, more giving beings. Helping each other and bringing smiles to everyone you meet is such a great and fulfilling feeling. , a smile is the most fabulous fashion accessory, so always wear it! And, and always remember to ‘gro with style’!

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