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Kiran Bahl


Hello, lovers! It’s the month of romance, with Valentine’s Day coming up, Tuesday, Feb. 14. Ladies, let’s turn up the loving and the fashion looks with shades like reds and others – yes, there are more hotter, sweeter hues out there! Let’s learn how pinks, oranges, and even purples too can light you up bright!


A red sari, a maroon anarkali gown, even a tomato shaded lengha with the right neutral jewelry and accessories are just right, and almost expected, actually. Twisting the ensemble with a couple of surprising moves, however, will refresh and revive your feel.

Take the red sari and pair it with navy blue jewels, shoes and clutch. A maroon anarkali gown will shine with emerald green tones. Wondering what you could possibly pair with a tomato red lengha? Try brown tones. For an even bolder feel, try hot pinks and magentas with it. Basically, think mostly deeper jewel tones with your reds to accelerate your fashion vibes!

Don’t pair your reds with black. It’s a very classy duo, but also a seen one. Try something out of your comfort zone and you’ll feel a difference within and out!


A lighter, downplayed version of red, pink shades look more pure, more girly, when worn. Of course, some pinks are stronger than others.

The sweetest pink of all is baby pink, as the name implies. Rose pinks and mauves, too, look angelic. A baby pink sari with diamonds is just so pretty.

On the contrast, rani pink or fuchsia tones add spunk. It’s sweet pink with edge. Match your lips and accessories to your fuchsia salwar kameez, and you’re ready to make an entrance!


Orange, when worn, can either look very on trend or very harshly wrong. It’s HOW you wear it that puts you ahead of the others and has you looking delectable for Valentine’s Day.

Think of orange sorbet or orangesicle colors. That soft, pale orange hue is perfect for a subtly romantic look, like for a lengha. For a more mature look, a rust orange churidaar set played with silver or pewter jewels will create a more regal feel.

Never, ever try bright orange shades. The neon palette will make your loved ones stay away than stay with!


Many women fear wearing the color purple. This is why, perhaps, designers shy away from really expressing it in their shows and catalogs. Some women think purple’s too dark and dull to carry. Others think it’s too light and boring. But what beautiful and royal looks can come from this one color!

Plum and eggplant shades have almost a black wearing feel to them. An indigo shaded sari with diamonds will have you dripping with royalty vibes. Even a fancy dark purpled kurti will attract attention worn with beige trousers and gold accessories.

I, personally, am in love with lilac this month! Designers such as Manish Malhotra, Umrao Mirza and Sabysachi are taking this soft, pastel purple color and bringing out the most gorgeous lenghas and patialas with it. It’s sweet, but can also state sassy with black jewels and accessories.

Happy Valentine’s Day to every one of our readers. Let’s not just strive to spread the love on this one day with our one true, loved one. Let’s continue to broadcast our love every day to everyone in our lives. Throw love around like confetti, and always 'gro' with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail kiran@grostyles.com or visit www.facebook.com/grostyles

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