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Kiran Bahl


Season’s greetings! With Christmas and a shiny New Year coming up, what happiness and joy we can share with all. This sparkling time should definitely reflect in your kind words, helpful actions and beautiful clothes. Let’s read a few tips to help keep you feeling warm with love and peace, even if the weather is cooling down some!

DO add a shawl to your ensemble, including the dupatta

With temperatures cooling, it can be difficult at times wearing a light, chiffon sari or net anarkali churidaar without freezing numb, especially at nights. What’s the fix? Use a shawl! In addition to your dupatta, add a pashmina, velvet or wool shawl to your ensemble. You can wear it as a traditional shawl around your arms or drape it plain over your shoulder, similar to the basic dupatta style. Keep both the shawl and dupatta, however, draped the same way. Having too many directions for the eye to focus will create a fashion mess.

DO go for fur

Western fashion this season dictates fur as your new coat, vest or sweater choice. This look can be super elegant for Eastern wear too! Pair a baby pink sari covered in a short, white fur coat. Or try a navy blue salwar kameez underneath a gray coat. The combinations are many, the look just one – glamorous. This is perfect for your New Year’s party!

Opt for a shorter coat though. Too long a length, belted or not, will create unnecessary bulkiness and lose any shape you have!

DO sleeve… or sleeveless

So many customers are confused about sleeves nowadays. Let’s clarify! Sleeves or no sleeves, it’s all about balance to get the look just right for your next gathering. A sari blouse’s sleeves can be stitched long and embroidered, but the length of blouse should be short. An Anarkali kameez’s sleeves can be entirely missing or halter-top, but the kameez should be long and full of girth and circumference. Balance is key!

DON’T wear a sweater or cardigan with your outfit

So many pretty saris are tarnished with a boxy sweater or button-down cardigan over them. Royal lengha looks are ruined with heavy sweater vests over them. Unfortunately, there is no trick to wearing these with your Eastern outfits. Just avoid them completely.

DON’T wear socks with your sandals

I see this all the time and want to grab those mismatched socks (no matter what color socks you choose, they will never, ever look matched with your desi outfit. Ever) off feet. I know it gets cold, especially on windy nights. Wear pantyhose socks, if push comes to shove. Otherwise, suffer through numb, but pretty painted toes until you get indoors.

I hope all the wonderful Khaas Baat readers have a sweet and merry 2014 ahead. Gro Styles wishes you all you desire, with a touch of class and fashion. And, as always, remember to ‘gro with style’!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, Orlando and Sunrise, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail or visit

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