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Kiran Bahl

Enjoying the longer, sunnier days? No wonder wedding season rolls around this time. And if you havenít already tuned in to the latest fashion news, here it is Ė saris, saris, saris. Itís all about our true, original Indian fashion staple this month. Here are four must-have styles for your wardrobe, casual or fancy. Match these with minimal accessories, and loose, tousled hair, and youíre good to go anywhere.

GLITTERING STYLES. Sequins and mirrors are extremely popular, especially layered on top of retro designs (this fusion of Eastern-Western culture looks fabulous, ladies). Imagine a teal sari with red circles and swirls, all randomly placed. Scattered about are clusters of sequins or mirrors. This style makes any otherwise casual-looking sari into a work of art, wearable to the most posh of events.

CREATIVE PRINTS. Mix ín match prints are all over runways, and not just in India. Designers such as Versace, Armani and Calvin Klein are mixing the most unusual patterns to create awesome results. Saris with polka dot blouses can look ultra-trendy with a thick-striped pallu. Floral looks are very much the rage, too. A tiny floral print on the blouse can pair super with a large, colorful rose tapestry patterned pallu. Keep in mind, however, not to overdo things. Mixing florals, polka dots and stripes all together can create too much drama, a definite no.

PRINTED FIESTA. Be a trendsetter. Rarely seen, mixing bandini prints with ambi (mango-shaped) designs, or paisley patterns with leopard looks can spruce things up. Colors, too, can be experimented with. Donít choose the obvious, and youíll be OK. Instead of the traditional red or maroon colors, pick a vivid turquoise bandini look. Brown or black/white leopard designs look great, but wear a pink leopard design, and your sari can stand out!

PRINTED STYLES. Are you wondering why prints are so ďinĒ compared to last springís solid, yet vivacious colorings? Itís all about remaining elegant, yet a little flirty to keep all eyes on you. Wear a jungle-themed look, complete with earthy blacks, greens, browns and reds. Or a garden sari, with a red background, splashed with green, orange, and blue flowers. Spring is more fun this time around.

Enjoy mixing, matching and experimenting with your wardrobe. Remember, a little can go a long way. Choose and keep this philosophy with you, and fashion will never turn on you, itíll always be your friend.

Send us your fashion questions and concerns. Follow the trend! E-mail us at and weíll answer any and all your fashion dilemmas! Hereís this monthís Fashion Drama question:

Q: I noticed how yellows and bright greens are in style. Iím very fair, though, and look washed out in these colors. Any suggestions? - Nina, Tampa

A: Hi Nina, and thank you for writing. First, Iím glad you recognize the issue. Lots of fair-skinned ladies strive to wear beiges, yellows, oranges, and other colors, only to find they donít suit their peaches ín cream complexions. Try blending in the yellows and greens you want to wear as accent colors to your outfit. For example, wear a lilac sari, printed with large flowers, including colors such as royal blue, red, and yellow. Wear a sky blue outfit with pink patterns, and include some orange or green. Not only will the play of colors and patterns keep you trendy, but the colors you never thought were possible to wear will adorn you beautifully.

Fashion is all about the look of ďnow,Ē but add self-confidence, and youíll be sure to stand out among any crowd. And as always, remember to gro with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, ďAn Indian Boutique,Ē 2035 E. Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, can be reached at (813) 843-9040 or (813) 903-8334.

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