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By Shephali J. Rele

Bollywood | Bollywood Watch

Bollywood releases expected this month

“Main Aisa Hi Hoon”: Starring Ajay Devgan, Sushmita Sen, Esha Deol, Anupam Kher; directed by Harry Baweja; music by Himesh Reshammiya.

Ajay Devgan plays Neil, a kind man with the mentality of a 7-year-old. Neil shares his life with his young daughter, Gungun, who he adores. Gungun’s mother, Maya, played by Esha Deol, left them after giving birth. Father and daughter face life’s difficulties together. Their not perfect but happy world is turned upside-down when Neil’s father-in-law Dayanath makes a sudden appearance. He just recently learned of his granddaughter’s existence. After meeting Neil, he files a lawsuit to gain custody. Neil hires an ambitious attorney, Neeti Khanna, played by Sushmita Sen to take the case. Will she be able to win? And what about Maya? Will she return to help Neil? “Main Aisa Hi Hoon” holds the answers.

“Waqt”: Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra, Shefali Shah, Boman Irani; directed by Vipul Shah; music by Anu Malik.

This family drama revolves around a father and son relationship. Amitabh Bachchan plays Ishwar Sharawat and Akshay Kumar plays his son Aditya. Ishwar owns a toy company and makes generous donations every Diwali. With wife Sumita, played by Shefali Shah by his side, they appear to lead a perfect life. Apparently, this is not the case. After Aditya marries Mitali, played by Priyanka Chopra, Ishwar hopes his son will become more responsible. Over time, the differences between father and son grow and Aditya is thrown out of the house. A shocked Aditya now aspires to prove his worth to his father. He takes a job as a stunt man and enters a talent contest. As the competition ends, the mystery behind his father’s behavior is revealed. After the action-thriller “Aankhen,” director Shah tries his hand at family drama.

“Lucky”: Starring Salman Khan, Sneha Ullal, Mithun Chakraborthy; directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru; music by Adnan Sami.

This romantic tale is set against the backdrop of Russia. Salman Khan plays Aditya, the sophisticate son of an Indian ambassador. Newcomer Sneha Ullal plays Lucky, a young schoolgirl who is a dreamer at heart. Their two paths merge after strife from a sudden insurgency breaks out in the city. Lucky runs into Aditya, a fellow Indian, as they both attempt to reach safety. They begin an unforgettable journey facing many obstacles to survive. Despite not having much in common, Lucky takes a liking to Aditya. The heart of the film is how they succeed on their journey home. Actual Russian locales are used in this movie, which is produced by Khan’s brother, Sohail.

Bollywood releases last month

“Tango Charlie”: Starring Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty, Ajay Devgan, Bobby Deol; directed by Mani Shanker; music by Anu Malik.

During a routine flight around the Kargil region, a helicopter pilot and flight lieutenant played by Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty see several bodies. Against orders, they land to look for survivors. They find a severely wounded soldier and a diary. The pages of the diary unfold to take them on a whirlwind trip across India through the eyes of a soldier. The film draws attention to what compels soldiers to fight and sacrifice all for their country. The movie is said to have a lot special effects.

“Karam”: Starring John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra, Shiny Ahuja and Bharat Dabolkar; directed by Sanjay Gupta; music by Vishal-Shekhar.

“Karam” tells the story of a happily married couple. John and Shalini played by Priyanka Chopra. John earns his living as an assassin but after a particular job, his outlook changes. He decides to mend his ways. Unfortunately, the don he works for has one more assignment. When John tries to refuse, the don kidnaps Shalini, forcing John to accept this dangerous, deadly mission and save his wife.

“Sarhad Paar”: Starring Sanjay Dutt, Tabu, Mahima Chaudhary, Chandrachur Singh; directed by Raman Kumar; music by Anand Raaj Anand.

This action drama narrates the story of soldier Ranjit Singh, played by Sanjay Dutt, who is tortured and loses his memory while held as a prisoner of war. When he returns home, his wife played by Tabu and sister played by Mahima Chaudhary struggle to help him regain his memory and identify the face in his nightmares. After Ranjit recovers, he craves revenge for his days as a captive but also recognizes his family responsibilities. The story revolves around the dilemmas faced by these characters.

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